chasing bushman-shadows

One hundred of America´s elite Special Operations troops, aided by night vision scopes and satelite imagery, are helping African forces find a wig-wearing, gibberish-speaking fugitive rebel commander named Joseph Kony who has been hiding out in the jungle for years with a band of child soldiers and a harem of dozens of child brides. – NY-Times, monday, May 7, 2012

What kind of mad and, simultanously, cruel and powerful man is this Joseph Kony? There are not only African forces striving to find and eliminate him, but also forces of one of the most powerful states in the world. Joseph Kony started his way 25 years ago, as a so called prophet, and now he is declared to be one of the most wanted people in the world.

This story appears like a déjà vu: Just a few years ago the whole world was hunting an Arab man, donned a long white tunic-skirt and a beard, called Osama Bin Laden. This comparison seems to be very dangerous, but basically it shows a very similar procedure: There is an image of an enemy, a very detailled one, and  you, as the observer (but also the rest of the political world) information about his crime and you give your O.K. for this operation.

But this time the story differs in a way. This time the observer showed his power on the most powerful and seemingly stupid or just immature state of the world: KONY 2012, a video made by one of the members of the organisation “Invisible Children” spread a video on the internet, no no no, much more clever, on facebook in which he was teaching his approx. 3 year aged little son about the good and the bad guys – just like in a fairy tale this boy was shown and explained very clearly that the world exists out of just two dimensions. Call it black and white, wild and civilized or American and the rest, or, to be more specific, American and the jungle-man or the Arab man… tomorrow we will learn something about a new counterpart, I am pretty sure.

And as it is that bold and simple to understand and to be convinced that there is a very bad guy runnung around in the Ugandan jungle and doing brainwashing this video was also used by the American gowernment to analyze the situation on the ground, pardon, on the video-ground. This is really not made up to convince you. One of the Generals said: “Let´s be honest, there was a constituent pressure here. Did KONY2012 have something to do with this? Absolutely.” (NY Times, May 7, 2012)

I am asking myself whether this all happens because of this social media and short-message thing? Does this example show us on the highest level that social media have not only an impact on what to believe but also on our minds. Have we become too lazy or too exhausted to waste only one single thought on how this all has ever started? Where is our curiosity gone to be interested in a so called “bad” guy´s motifs.

There is a video on youtube where you can picture the wild and mad man who is sought.

To me it seems nobody is actually interested in him. It´s like joining an action thriller which noone wants to quit because they are some kind part of the tension.

This only interview with Joseph Kony is showing again that there are many stories existing in juxtaposition. There is Kony on the one side, striving for freedom and democracy and maybe more, and on the other side there is the Ugandan gowernment trying hard to keep their power… Showing two sides would be insufficient at this point, I am aware of that … I hope we know that there are much more… like the USA, a peculiar organisation, you, the recipient and an entity that cannot be graped… the social media… Again there is one thing they all have in common: There is a pursuit of being heard. But, unfortunately, most of them have lost exactly the ability to listen…

There is only one way this is going to end, and that´s with Kony shot in the back, running for his life, deep in the forest [they are not sure wheter Uganda has forests or jungles!], – an American offical said. (NY Times, May 7, 2012)

Could a director, scriptwriter or movie audience think of a better ending?!