A merry-go-round

The contemporary Hip Hop-Scene undergoes tough times, first of all Hip Hop music created in the USA. Most of the music is produced apparently only for only sensual gratification. Rhythms and melodies serve easy perception, mostly enriched with highly stimulating background noises. The latter mentioned build a perfect symbiosis with the moved pictures reminding of pornographic scenes. It´s not a big surprise that this music stream cannot be taken serious. Hip Hop can be queued next to Popmusic, a form of entertainment without any statements and hardly any forms that can classify it as at least something.

For the very first generation of Hip Hop musicians Hip Hop was a new “popular” way to spread their critiques about society and it´s development. Hip Hop became “popular” for a reason: It was for the people who listened and who should be promted or at least stirred up.

Hip Hop should become a way to express observations of a development artists didn´t want to accept any longer.

For similar reasons Jason Newman, alias Brother Ali, started to make use of lyrics put in rhymes firstly on his school ground where he was bulled for his outer appearance (He proved in battles that superficial judgement is beside the point and by this he made his schoolmates aware of his other qualities). It is fairly obvious that an almost blind and albino teenager has to struggle more than others in a society where color is still an issue. Jason found refuge in muslim communal where people showed him that they don´t bother.

Jason became a moslem while simultanously staying an American, since he continued to produce and listen to a very American way of music. His aim was to show a socio-critical way of Hip Hop withal his intention was to mediate between the two frontlines: the Muslim and the American world. In a very severe manner Brother Ali´s latest album cover shows the clash which the artist tries to conciliate. Image

Coincidentally, Brother Ali insults also both sides: The Americans by presenting their flag lying on the ground and the Muslims by showing a praying man kneeling on the American flag.

A contradiction which seems fairly ridiciculous, since national boundaries are fluent in an era of globalization… 

But just because Brother Ali percieves himself as a socio-critic he should not be considered as acclaimed. Especially, when he utilzes a consumption medium such as records-selling – a very persuasive way to spread ideals, such as fraternaty. Fraternaty in turn is nothing else than an religious ideology which in the end is seen as the solution for all problems. Actually, there is a parallelism between Brother Ali´s way to protest against the decay of former values and promises and the conservative American party: In the end the referenece to  whatever religion and relying on god´s righteousness is the approriate medicine against worlds mouning and suffering.

It´s fairly quentionable whether the supremity of a higher entity can be easier accepted than of an earthly one. And although something appears as a critical view on current going-ons it´s fate is to turn into a mean of what was actually critisized – the same turn-around-story that happens to all mass media.