If something so valuable you always thought is not needed to be protected because it’s evidentially freeing and protecting at the same time. Something so powerful as a mankind’s and historical achievement that nobody dares to doubt it’s legitimacy because lives were sacrificed for it… Something which should help developing and enhancing tolerance and therefore peace… Sometimes this something turnes out to be a tool of power and suppression, too.

I always had the impression democracy, as a system in which I grew up, is the most developed, enabling people to live in freedom and to feel equal in any respect. Especially, after experiencing the effects of a totalitarian dictatorships in which my ancestors and my parents lived democracy became something really precious.

I felt so privileged to have the right to choose from all the options the society would offer me. So was the utopian feeling for quite a long time, every now and then disturbed by experiences of limits: Experiening to be found not adjusted enough to go to the same school as your friends from primary school, to be found not capable enough to write proper german assays, to be found to dumb to finish high school and to visit a university.

Bulldozing one’s own way and moreover to show always more than 100 % became quite quickly a symptom. A symptom of all those who would not fit and correspond to the majority of the society. Standing up for your unique needs is still quite a struggle for most minorities. And the wall they are fighting against is mostly an entity you can’t really beat. It’s something so powerful the majority is strongly protecting – some for the reason of creating shelters, some more to keep power.

In a world growing more and more diverse democracy can’t stay a political system respresenting and caring after everybody’s needs. Since it is always only representing a majority which profession is marketing and selling their image.

Groups with less means and professionality never get a realistic change to be recognized, doesn’t matter the media will be informed or not. Media will tell the nation only about that facts most people voted for. Media are simply supporter of those who have the power already.

Further more it will be less simple to group groups with identical needs. Since everyone’s curriculum is becoming so unique: being born in Asia, grown up in Kanada, being at school in Europe, finding their love in New Zealand and so on…

It’s not sufficient to show that your country, your city is muticultural and you are giving every group, ethnicity, religion the legitimacy to stay.

Most of the times prejudices remain. You would catch yourself listening rather to Italien and Spanish people in the metro instead of to Arabic and Russian.



It seems that also our system doen’t like irritations or the feeling of unease. People rather act in a way which they explain as precaution. Sadly to say, but precautions are missing changes to learn and experience alternative ways to cope with difficulties.