It’s all about deciding who will have the power over our future

From a common sense only bad news are reaching greater publicity. Spreading information about how cruel, heartless, egoistic and foolish mankind is: “Our polluting and wasting livestyle will be the reason for Armageddon”, “Every year there is a new war starting”, “There are very few places on earth where you can feel save from natural disasters”, “Young parents killing there children”, “Children torture other children to death”, “Young people are suffering from abnormal ideals transported by the media”.

How could somebody dare to give birth to an innocent creature in such a world? Image

I’m sure many people don’t bother themselves too much with questions like that: Influencing both their and their future children’s life with making a decision based on fears. Fears were always important criteria in decision making. But as it seems for the current generation these fears are extending. They are reaching levels which make us feel powerless to improve the environment for good.

Such thinking to my mind is a result of the overall esteemed globalization. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an opponent of getting thighter connected. Besides all advantages, our parent’s generation seems to overlook that our responsibilty is growing. Everything we do, enjoy, eat or sell has a consequence on a global level. This responsibility will be passed on to the next generation and so on.

But for now our generation is confronted with a radical change in many procedures. For some, there are still no solutions found what means that we need to find our way ourselves. There are no wise people who lived a life like ours, who can give us a wise and relying advise.

Maybe this is also a reason why we think twice when we consider whether to have children or not.

The only thing we forget about amidst all these doubts is hope. And with hope in this respect I don’t mean something highly spiritual, but more a believe in the good things on earth.

A young dad who almost killed his little toddler by shaking it strongly because he wasn’t able to cope with hearing it crying for so long and because he was left alone by his girlfriend for the very first time. A father who feels deeply guilty for what he did, but who is still deeply in love his family and tries his very best…

If we, those who want this world to become a better one, decide not to have children, we basically deny any pariticipation in the world’s future. And if we bethink what developments have achieved so far: Isn’t there a realistic change to change even more to something better? The only thing is… If we let those peolpe reproduce themselves who don’t have this optimistic vision and good intensions we would simply give up…

I think there are so many inspiring people amongst us who have the power to teach their children how – at least – dealing different with issues…